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The Importance of Trichology

The word Tricology is adapted from Greek language meaning hair; it is a special branch of Dermatology. It is basically a division of medicine that relates with the study of hair and scalp. Trichology can be applied in forensic studies of hair to find suspects. The institute of Trichology was founded in 1902. A trichologist is trained in the field of biology and can cure the disorders related to hair and scalp; he can diagnose the cause of hair loss, treat scalp problems and give advices.

By consulting a trained trichologist, you can solve a lot of problems related to hair loss, itching, dryness, hair breakage, scaling of the scalp and many more. It is as important as going to a dermatologist for a skin problem or going to a dentist for scaling of your teeth. A trichologist is like doctor of your hair. Everybody wants to look beautiful; healthy, long and shiny hair is going to increase charm in your personality. For women, taking care of hair is even more significant, and they show more interest in it. But, that does not mean that men should not care for their hair. They should equally care for them.

There are many factors associated with problems of hair, like poor nutrition is one which may create certain imbalances in the body. There can be any medical or genetic problem. Stress is another reason which may lead to loss of hair.

There are some people who do not give importance to this and consider it as a non-essential area of the body, which is a wrong approach. We should try to find out the root of the problem and then implement effective measures to cure that. It is a sensitive issue, which should not be ignored. It indicates the overall condition of health, and a disorder may indicate a condition; if left unnoticed, it may lead to serious illness. Falling hair is a visible problem, which can make a person upset. He/she may feel inferior, which can lead to certain psychological problems.

By knowing the cause on the initial stage is far better than getting negative effects from it. In most cases, a good trichologist will rightly identify the cause of your problem and will treat it in the best possible manner. In doing hair analysis, a trichologist will observe the hair on a microscopic level and will suggest the level of minerals required. If any structural damage is done to hair, a microscopic analysis will be able to identify it. It will analyze the rate of hair loss, will help in elimination of fungus or lice and identify any genetic influences. For minerals analysis, trichologist uses specialized labs, where results are quite accurate. The results can clearly show the nutritional or medical problems that are causing damage to the hair.

It is much better to use natural products as alternatives to prescribed drugs. Natural products are equally effective showing positive results, and they have an added advantage over synthetic products, that is, they are more economical.