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Strengthen Intuition by Separating Feelings From Emotions

Anyone could be corrected to have strong intuition, because we can connect with each other, just like computers can be connected. If there is an intuition weakness, that weakness could be detected and changed, so that intuition would just be the ability to feel the difference between strong and weak. The feeling would be more right, when we just stop thinking, especially about our negative experiences or negative emotions.

When a person has a lot of negative emotions, it’s difficult for them to have that feeling to be right. Again, the Feeling is just strong or weak.

We, as people, are so used to the idea of feelings and mixing them up with our emotions: We feel sad. We feel angry. We feel frustrated. We are only feeling those emotions or experiencing those reactions.

When we can separate our emotions from our feeling and feeling from our emotions, then the feeling should just be strong or weak.

And, of course, the emotion could be corrected to be deleted out of everyone. The deletion for emotion is the only way we could get rid of the emotions; otherwise it’s always going to be there. Even though we can’t get in touch with a negative emotion doesn’t mean it isn’t inside the person’s mind and body.

So it’s important that we understand that we can do that-delete these emotions and their negative cumulative effects. It’s a very basic technique. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out.

And the technique can be done by you, yourself, using your own intuitive ability to pinpoint the weaknesses. And once you have pinpointed a weakness, then you would just think about putting some extra energy there (some thought energy), just about putting some extra thought energy into your own midline initially in your body.

Your midline would be the line that separates the left side of your body from the right side of your body. To keep it simple, just deal with a two-dimensional body. So you can put your thought on your midline, and whatever was weak before, would be changed to be strong.

It would take more or less a second to do it. Even if it took three seconds in the beginning, or five seconds, that’s OK, but you want to bring that time down to less than a second eventually, to be almost like instantaneous.

As soon as you find a weakness, the weakness would be corrected by an automatic reflex action that you would develop. As soon as you find a weakness, the weakness would be strengthened by a quickness in thought, and that quickness in the connection of that thought would be like a millisecond, so essentially it’s pretty much instantaneous once you find a weakness.